Sales and projects Kristian Steen Holme

Sales and projects

Kristian Steen Holme

Sales and projects often go hand in hand when companies focus on genuine implementation

I can help you identify process areas prone for improvement and help you realize full potential of your business processes. Part of this effort is to customize vimpl solutions that fit with your existing processes so we don’t have to change systems and processes at the same time.


Alliance Manager Rune Josefsen

Alliance Manager

Rune Josefsen

We build alliances with consultant companies so we can co-create the best product in the market

My job is to make sure that our allied consultants are comfortable promoting vimpl to their clients. Contact me at rune.josefsen@vimpl.com if you want to know more about how we co-create our solutions with field consultants and their customers.

Art Director Rasmus Rasmussen

Art Director

Rasmus Rasmussen

Designing simple stuff is often the hardest part of a designers job

My job is to create graphic components that are intuitive and as close to real life components as possible. I kill complexity by thinking about properties of physical objects before I think about the possible features. In todays virtual world, everything is possible, but knowing what is needed is the key to great design.


Web and frontend Martin Nielsen

Web and frontend

Martin Nielsen

Web and frontend technologies are constantly developing

I make sure our online presence is up to date by constantly looking for new and exciting libraries and new ways of programming state-of-the art frontend and web solutions.


Online Sales Casper Skjold Nielsen

Online Sales

Casper Skjold Nielsen

Online Sales is about finding new ways of applying vimpl to already known business challenges

vimpl can be applied in so many ways to various business challenges. I help customer’s define their challenges and create a vimpl solution that work for them.


Nicolai Jee

Backend Developer

Nicolai Jee

Systems developer and system designer with a focus on developing advanced web applications and system architecture.

I got experience with backend .NET / C # (ASP.NET) and with integration of business and customer systems using WCF (Web Services) – including the design of new business logic and optimal management of existing ones.
Worked closely with Microsoft SQL Server database development – including extensive experience in Data modeling and performance optimization (T-SQL, STP).