Co-location creates common references

The effect of having project participants gathered physically in a dedicated project room is is hard to neglect. First and foremost, commitment increases because participants get to know each other. That social glue is likely to make team members feel more dedicated to the project. Beside, knowledge sharing among participants, as well as availability of shared ressources such as drawings, visual plans etc. is higher. To succeed with co-location each member needs to engage respectfully in the community to make sure that it is fit for people with a need for quiet refleksion as well as peopl with a need for talking and sparring.









Another pro by co-locating your team is that prototypes or other artefacts are shared and can become quite important symbols manifesting the community towards participants.

Succesccriteria for co-location

  • 80% or more participants work from the same physical location
  • Participants acknowledge their colleagues various needs
  • Participants are more dedicated to the project
  • A certain sense of belonging enforces the work culture
  • Learning increases on a personal level for team members

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This chapter is part of the article Lean Project Management published by Kristian Steen Holme and presented at Ledernes Projektday May 2013.

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