Easy check-in at the Kindergarten with vimpl

There are three groups at the private institution Frederiksberggårdens Børnehave in Silkeborg, Denmark. In the morning when the kids arrive, they are checked of on a list and a colleague notes down when the parents expect to pick them up again. Later that day half of the kids have been picked up and it is time to switch in to low demand mode and shut down some of the groups and merge them with one of the other groups so personal can keep their work hours.


Today, the day care institution uses vimpl to visualize the check-in process. Parents simply drag a picture of their kids and drop it at the expected pick up time. That way everybody sees when the kids have arrived and the leader of the day-care can estimate at what time she can make the switch and send home personal.

One of the unexpected outcomes of the project is that parents can follow the board from their work place and in case the other parent, the au pair or the grandparents pick up the kids, she would know immediately.

Frederiksberggårdens Børnehave uses a slightly modified version of the custom board with pictures of all the kids and the board also shows which personal is at work today and the lunch menu.


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