Fewer Projects per Person

Short and intense projects demand more planning, but they are also more likely to succeed. More resources are allocated to each project in shorter time slots. It makes the delivery horizon seem closer, which increase the focus on delivering.


few projects per person








As illustrted above, there is a correlation between how many projects one person is allocated to and the efficiency of that person. The optimal place is 1 project, but as this can be difficult to accomplish 2 projects are probably more realistic. Note that already at 3 projects the time spent on context switching is higher than the time spent on the actual projects. Due to the inherent waste when changing between projects, it is recommended that you focus on reducing the number of projects per person. And if you can’t lower the number of projects per employee you might want to read this article about rejecting projects.

Success criteria for Fewer Projects per Person:

  • Each person is associated with 2 or nomore than 4 projects at a time
  • Less time is spent on context switching between projects
  • Focus on deliverables has increased

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This chapter is part of the article Lean Project Management published by Kristian Steen Holme and presented at Ledernes Projektday May 2013.

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