How innovative businesses use vimpl


ARC is a government subsidised company with a big impact on Copenhagen citizens’ everyday life since it is an integrated part of the city circulatory system. They transform garbage into energy, nutrition and recycled materials.It is an innovative company that need intuitive hands-on solutions that fit their exact needs for managing teams and tasks throughout a busy workday. They use vimpl to manage daily maintenance tasks on stand-up meetings in front of a 60” touchscreen.

You can do the same!


Key challenges

ARC manages one of the largest waste-to-energy plants in Denmark and working in this environment can be of high risk. Due diligence concerning all aspects of maintenance and security tasks are of highest importance. Every week, the team meets in front of a whiteboard, but have a hard time updating both the board and their task database ensuring the needed documentation for plant audits. As a result, consistency issues were costing the team time and money.


The Solution

ARC quickly sets up a week planner in vimpl similar to this one. The week planner now serves as a hybrid between their whiteboard and the task database. Data from the board is available instantly during the meetings and team leaders follow the meeting in real-time.



The Result

Team meetings are more fun now and the annual audit is a sweet opportunity for the team to show off that they are in control of processes and maintenance tasks. ARC is a more efficient business now and also works visually with risks and ideas, which allows for early mitigation of risks and prioritization of ideas.


Engage meeting participants

If you want the great overview, but are working across sites, need data for analysis or if you are out of wall space, vimpl offers a proven tool for conducting virtual stand-up meetings in the “sky”. Sign-up at and start collaborating with whom you want anywhere you want.

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