Increased innovation speed at Arla helps sustain market lead

Running innovation projects in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry has two fundamentally diverging dimensions. Speed and Safety.  The dairy industry on a global level, is highly competitive. New products are flooding the market. At the same time, safety is of paramount importance. To production workers and to the end consumer. Hence, compliance with international variations of consumer rules is a big issue at Arla (a.m.b.a.).

VP Arla

To stay on top of the game Arla  invested a significant amount of time and money in optimizing their innovation process. For some time, they have worked with visual planning on white boards and huge posters to visualize the critical path to successful execution of their innovation projects. The concept is widely used in Arla, but they were struggling with one challenge: “How do we engage people in our visual planning process, when we are not in the same room?”


Today Arla uses vimpl to keep track of tasks from week to week. “The process is almost the same as before, but reporting and ensuring that everyone has access to the latest updates has become so much easier”, says Pia Jakobsgaard from Arla.

Arla uses the online week-planner to visualize what is important and to share their board meeting experience between project managers and dairy plants across locations, as if they were in the same room.


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