Make project management more fun

Using only paper, post-it notes and markers in the right colors, you can engage and ensure commitment from project participants. Vimpl recently hosted a work shop focusing on how you can lubricate your project execution engine.

Make projects more fun

Make projects more fun

Within the first hour we defined purpose, success criteria and deliverables and planned the first 7 weeks of the project.

Planning is best done in a close and guided dialog between all project members, who through that take ownership  of the sub deliverables they are accountable for.

In a mini survey we found that there is a genuine business need to take the simple and intuitive elements from the board into the virtual universe. 4 reasons confirm this:

1. 80% of the respondees lacks tools to support board meetings cross locations

2. 40% thinks that good ideas come forward outside the work place and that there is a need to make idea collection omnipresent

3. 40% of the respondees found tath they were running out of wall space

4. 20% needs to drill down data after meetings and use them in KPI’s etc.

Participants from Dansk Projektledelsesforum region Nord saw vimpl’s suggestion on how to intermediate simple principles from paper and markers to the digital universse fik derfor et bud på, hvordan man kan overføre de simple principper fra papir og tusch til det digitale universe via vimpl’s visual planner.

Lean in project management is a re-interpretation of well known lean principles from Toyota Production System. Principals, that can help you execute projects up to 70% faster.

Read more about vimpl interpretation of lean principals at our Lean Innovation blog

Manage and engage meeting participants to make working in projects more fun!

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