Performance boards

Visualizing key performance indicators in a simple way makes them tangible and easy to react on for team members and creates a sence of urgency  for the manager.

Performance Management








Performance boards are closely related to Performance Measurement and white board meetings. The purpose is to break down the overarching team objectives down to a couple of operational indicators that can be reacted upon. At the weekly meeting, discuss performance related to the set targets and work with continuous improvements that has an effect on either one of the KPI’s

Success criteria for Performanceboards:

  • Select a max of 3 -4 KPI’s that are balanced between quality, leadtime, cost and motivation measures
  • Clear definitions and visualizations that tell if the targets are met
  • Choose between red and green to indicate status. Yellow is unclear and always become a center of discussion

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This chapter is part of the article Lean Project Management published by Kristian Steen Holme and presented at Ledernes Projektday May 2013.

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