Optimize individual phases of the project

In mature project organizations you are likely to have a phase based development model. Once in a while, take a look at each of the phases to see if they can be optimized.

It could be that…

  • the requirement specification phase needs to be improved through e.g. templates for use cases
  • you wanted fewer iterations between design and planning phase
  • you needed standards for  base-line calculations and standards for calculating project feasibility
  • you wanted to standardize review meeting agendas and cycles

 project phase optimization








Successcriteria for optimization of project phases 

  • You spend shorter time on each phase
  • You experience fewer iterations between phases
  • Total lead time of projects decrease significantly

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This chapter is part of the article Lean Project Management published by Kristian Steen Holme and presented at Ledernes Projektday May 2013.

Each chapter serves to present a practice or a process that can be applied to any development process.

Some practices and processes are interlinked and may combined serve a higher purpose than a single practice or process.

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