Set team objectives

To improve, you need to set directions. What are the direction in which you want to move your business? You can only focus on 3-4 objectives at a time. Typically I would recommend that you set-up objectives within these four category to avoid any bias and tunnel sight:

Target setting
  1. Process. How can we improve our work flow and – methods to decrease cycle-times of products, sales or services
  2. Profit. What can we do to sell our products or services at a higher prize? How can we reduce cost on our products or services?
  3. People. Which initiatives will increase the relation between colleagues and foster high performance teams? Are there any cultural barriers, that will prevent the idea to succeed?
  4. Partner. How can we improve our relations with our vendors, customers or other key stakeholders?

Notice that the four category are not mutually excluding. Some ideas will impact more than one category,so you need to evaluate if a proposed initiative leads to a conflict of categories. That is, if the initiative has a positive impact on process, but has a negative impact on people. Imagine a rigid time registration system, which would improve the process, but in some work environments would kill motivation.

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