Split your time between running and improving the business

One of the key arguments, when I challenge people with the question of splitting time between running and improving the business is that there is not enough time. We spend our time on running the business and don’t have time for implementing the ideas that do emerge.


Ok, so there is not enough time! There is never enough time! Find the time by allocating the time and focus. Divide your time into two: “Running your Business” and “Improving the business”. Depending on your ambition and the urgency to change you can allocate some time to  improve the business without compromising the daily operations.

Google is well-known for their 4:1 work week. One day each week is a “drawer” project day. That means that googlers are allowed to work on any project they find interesting. Many have tried copying that concept unsuccesfully. Find your way to release the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of your co-workers and increase job engagement at the same time.

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Good luck! I will be happy to hear from you if you want to share your own experiences with continuous improvements. Don’t be a stranger!

Kristian Steen Holme


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