The auto shop visualizes their workflow with vimpl

We recently helped an auto shop in the northern part of Denmark optimize their workflow with vimpl. It is an auto shop that fixes broken cars. They are 20 employees and most of them are mechanics. The process in an auto shop might seem straight forward but that is not the case in this auto shop. In this auto shop a broken car can be in one of five places:

  • Waiting in the parking lot
  • In the garage being repaired
  • Waiting for spare parts in the parking lot
  • Being cleaned in the cleaning hall
  • Waiting for pick-up in the parking lot

The problem was that the employees lost track of the cars when things were busy. It could take the secretary 15-20 minutes to figure out where in the process a car was when a customer called. This was the problem they wanted vimpl to solve. They wanted a way to visualize the proces and track all changes.

Auto shop's vimpl board

They used vimpl to build a simple board showing the five steps in their proces. The secretary now takes a picture each time a new car is brought in and puts in on the waiting list on their vimpl board. A mechanic then updates the board each time he moves a car from one place in the proces to another. He does this on a tablet that was setup in the garage and cleaning hall.

Auto shop tablet

The result is that everyone in the auto shop can see where a car is and what needs to happen next. They now use less time tracking cars when the customer calls and more time fixing the cars.


Auto shop tablet 2




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