The department board gives management the golden overview

Too many weekly meetings in project – and functional teams led to an increasing complex organisation at a danish wind turbine company. One full time employee was on the payroll to gather data from various departments and projects before the management was gathered once a week to discuss challenges, priorities and focus areas for the next period.

The teams were asked to report their current status on a vimpl board during their ½ hour status meetings. Seconds later, all data was updated on the department board where management easily could see the red signals that indicates that actions are required if they still want to reach their deadlines and targets within each team.

Production Wall

During a management work shop we identified the critical information, which is needed to support the decisions that needs to be taken. The board is also used to engage managers who were not able to join the meeting. They simple joined in via their home computer or via the tablet from the airport.

Visualization has made the decision process much more transparent, which encourages the teams to find solutions, Mikkel Kloster

The result is that everyone in the company can follow status of each team and instead of pointing fingers at each other, they now help each other out by allocating resources to the teams in need.


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