The IT team uses vimpl for SCRUM meetings

We are currently helping a Danish IT team setup new vimpl boards in their offices in Denmark and India. They want a solution that improves the way they collaborate with their Indian colleagues. For them, it is important their work is visualized so the team in Denmark and the team in India always knows who is doing what.

vimpl Scrum Boards

The team is using SCRUM boards to plan and organize their work. They like vimpl because it allows them to build their own SCRUM boards online, and they can share them across the two offices. Each employee has their own login so he or she can contribute to the projects they are working on.

vimpl Scrum Boards 2

Each morning the team in Denmark is doing a stand-up meeting with the team in India over Skype. Both teams stand in front of a big TV screen with their shared SCRUM board on it. This allows them to update each other on todays work and make changes to the plan in cooporation with each other.

vimpl Scrum Boards 3



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