The sales team uses vimpl to track performance

Recently, a sales team in Copenhagen decided to build a vimpl board with the purpose of tracking and visualizing their work. The team has two managers and eight driving salesmen.

vimpl sales board

People working in sales are often competitive and focused on results. A board is perfect for visualizing results and maintaining a competitive and goal-oriented culture. However, the challenge with a standard whiteboard is that it can only be in one location at a time and it is impossible to track data on it. The two managers in this sales team wanted a way to visualize the results and track data without using complicated and boring spreadsheets. That is why they turned to vimpl.

Sales board c

The vimpl board allows the two managers to see the performance of each employee on a shared online board. All the employees can update it when they make a sale and see how the others are during. The managers can also pull a report each month with the statistics on each employee and see who has performed.

vimpl sales board 2

The vimpl board keeps the managers informed and gives them the information they need to help and coach their sales team.


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