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Follow the development of vimpl on a short, medium and long term …

Do you have ideas for vimpl? Then please send them to us. We are building vimpl in co-creation with users. If you are one of them, we will listen to you, so don’t hold back.

Note that the development road map is merely a guide for our users to see where we are heading with our collaboration platform. We reserve the right to change and update according to directions from our development board, key stakeholders and paying customers.

Get your say on vimpls direction

You can become a part of the development board by writing an email to with your name and reason for joining. If you do so. You will be the first to know in which direction vimpl is heading. You can also just leave a comment below and we will make sure your idea is evaluated.

Road map

Short term improvements

  • New colours and font on notes
  • Links from notes to any URL
  • Standard board types

Medium term improvements

  • Resizable grid
  • “Counter” magnets
  • Magnets to include progress of a task

Long term

  • Multiple modules per board
  • Board overview and easy navigation


 Any ideas? Submit your idea in a comment below this post and we will make sure that it is evaluated.

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