Why “Fat” projects are leaner

Short and intense projects demand better planning, but are more likely to succeed. More ressources are allocated to each project in shorter periods of time, whereby the sprints’ horizon appears closer and the team focus on the final deliverables

fat projects








By allocating more people in short sprint like events, you intensify work and maintain momentum in the project. Besides, the impact of the project on the organisation becomes measurable as it becomes easier to isolate the effects from other simultaneous projects.


Successcriteria for “fat” projects:

  • Fewer simultaneous projects running in the organisation
  • Project duration has decreased
  • Projects are better planned

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This chapter is part of the article Lean Project Management published by Kristian Steen Holme and presented at Ledernes Projektday May 2013.

Each chapter serves to present a practice or a process that can be applied to any development process.

Some practices and processes are interlinked and may combined serve a higher purpose than a single practice or process.

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